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Customized Banking Programs

The Benefits of Cash Management

Founded by doctors for doctors, The Doctors Bank, a Division of Beach Business Bank, understands the unique financial requirements of physicians and dentists, and is dedicated to delivering specialized banking solutions and world-class customer support.

The bank’s new and exclusive Greenbook Business Elite Banking Package ties together a broad range of services, bringing with it some substantial advantages. And, by utilizing this advanced cash management program, doctors can turn their stagnant practice income into a growing pool of assets.

Greenbook Business Elite Banking

  • Greenbook Business Elite Checking Account

    Establish a checking account with unlimited deposits and check-writing capabilities, as well as an Image Deposit service that utilizes scanning technology and software to deposit checks directly and automatically into your account. That means your staff will never have to make another trip to the bank. And, if you’re concerned about cash deposits, the bank can schedule armored carrier pick-ups on a regular basis (availability subject to location).

  • Greenbook Business Elite Money Market Account

    Set up a money market account that earns interest with an Annual Percentage Yield, or APY, equal to the Fed Funds Target Rate as determined by the Federal Reserve Bank [the APY is 0.84% APY effective as of 08/01/2011]. Imagine earning that level of interest on your practice income for a year…now, take that out over the course of your career. There’s a substantial amount of money at stake, and with proper cash management, you can use your practice income to grow your retirement savings.

  • Greenbook Personal Elite Checking Account

    Establish a personal checking account that earns interest at the Fed Funds Target Rate APY, and you’ll get unlimited deposits and check-writing capabilities on that account as well. You’ll also receive a set of personal checks free of charge, and get credit toward the initial order of checks for your business account. And, you’ll get free ATM/Debit Cards for both accounts, as well as reimbursements for charges assessed by ATM operators when cash is withdrawn through an ATM almost anywhere in the world.

  • Revolving Line of Credit (Optional)*

    Utilize a $50,000 revolving line of credit at the Prime Rate as quoted in The Wall Street Journal. The rate is set on the first business day of each calendar quarter and is subject to change on a quarterly basis.

  • Online Services

    Enjoy free online access to account balances, transactions, statements, check images, stop payments, transfers between accounts and electronic bill pay.