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Cornerstone Investment Portfolio Design for Doctors

Investment Portfolio Design for Doctors

In designing your investment portfolio, we seek to help you identify the appropriate balance of risk vs. reward. While we have the ability to utilize all of the industry's leading investment firms we typically keep most investments in house.  Since, 1998 Brett Andrews has managed portfolios for individuals and institutions using custom designed trading and management strategies designed to reduce risk and achieve a target rate of return. 

We build, manage and monitor a variety of sophisticated investment portfolios that preserve the conservative direction of our firm while maximizing our ability to help you respond to today's economy. Our risk management techniques provide many alternatives that are tailored to potentially guide you along the shortest path to financial independence.

In order to best serve our clients, Fortress Financial Strategies offers customized local investment management, as well as options such as managed accounts and alternative investments to increase our ability to manage taxable and qualified accounts.

Our firm administers various types of accounts with diverse investment goals, including:

  • personal, trust and business accounts
  • 401(k) plans, IRA, defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans
  • institutional accounts
  • customized banking programs