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Cornerstone-Business Structure

A well-balanced financial plan hinges on determining the corporate structure that best suits your business. Selecting and establishing the most appropriate structure may allow you to effectively protect your assets, maximize allowable income tax deductions and create the most effective retirement plans.

Are you interested in deducting long-term care, disability or life insurance premiums? Then perhaps a "C" corporation structure is your best option. These and other considerations are measured by your financial advisor to help you make what potentially could be the optimum business structure determination.

Structuring a Well-Defined Retirement Plan

Within this foundation of sound business structure, our partner Cetera Retirement Plan Specialists in-house staff of pensions specialists works with us to craft your customized retirement plan, which we call the blueprint for your retirement. Cetera Retirement Plan Specialists has meticulously assembled a group of pension professionals to help our clients with plan designs and qualification issues, counting on legal counsel with extensive ERISA experience and actuarial resources well versed in large and small defined benefit plans. Their expertise allows you to take full advantage of the tax law changes enacted in 2001 and 2003 under The Economic Growth and Tax Relief and Reconciliation Act, commonly known as EGTRRA, as well as the Pension Protection Act of 2006.

These changes may dramatically increase your retirement savings opportunities and remove restrictions that previously reduced such accumulations contained within other qualified retirement plans. In our opinion, this important regulatory and policy shift has resulted in an unprecedented opportunity for you to boost pre-tax deductions to a qualified retirement plan, and CRPS is poised to assist you in this regard.

How? CRPS has the expertise to show qualifying clients how to contribute up to $210,000 or more per year of tax-deductible net earnings to IRS-approved retirement plans. This translates into the ability to contribute tax-deductible dollars to build more than $2 million in pension plan assets.

[NOTE: The numbers illustrated assume the participant can establish a high three-year salary to support the benefit, will fund the plan to their retirement age, and meets certain other criteria.]

Expertise on Call

Our partner Cetera Retirement Plan Specialists are committed to ensuring that defined benefit plan presentations offer results that adhere to the rules of the Internal Revenue Code. On the defined contribution side, Integrated, New Comparability and Traditional Plan designs are all explored to deliver the most appropriate recommendation for each client.

Fortress Financial Strategies attempts to strategically help you optimize your business structure and discover opportunities the tax code offers to take control of your retirement by sponsoring a qualified retirement plan.