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Cornerstone-Risk Management

Doctors managing your risk is a Cornerstone in our process

A sound risk management strategy provides you with the peace of mind to focus on your business, confident in the knowledge that the most suitable mechanisms have been put in place to secure future income in the case of unexpected events. Risk management makes strategic use of insurance as a vital component of a truly integrated financial plan, which also maximizes your insurance purchasing power.

Fortress Financial Strategies employs an unbiased approach to evaluating insurance programs and providers, seeking to identify the appropriate solutions for your unique personal, professional and investment needs. We offer whole and universal life, disability and long-term care insurance. To mitigate the risk of outliving your retirement accumulation, we also offer fixed-rate annuities or equity-indexed annuities that are backed by the full faith and credit of the insurance company.

The Right Plan, the Right Way

Multitudes of insurance companies and specialists can offer you a menu of plans that cover the spectrum of insurance options. What sets Fortress Financial Strategies apart is our experience, allowing us to recommend the appropriate coverage as well as supplemental programs, such as a Section 79 plan, any of which will be:

  • funded with pre-tax dollars, if possible - making the most of your earnings
  • offered with a return of premium rider, where available - giving you cash back or the opportunity to re-invest (pay future premiums)
  • established to earn incremental income toward your retirement, where appropriate - moving you closer to financial independence

While the majority of plan contributions must be used to generate retirement income, qualified retirement plans may also use a portion of deductible contributions for the purchase of life insurance subject to the limitations of Revenue Ruling 74-307. All of these options are explored within the planning process and may potentially assist you in accomplishing your specific goals. We presently maintain relationships with several national insurers and are consistently reviewing the merits of other providers to ensure Fortress Financial Strategies continues to strive to meet the evolving needs of its clients.