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Tax Planning

One Sizeable Expense When You Retire May Be Taxes

Your Money Can Go 1 of 4 Places


Deciding ahead of time where you would like your money to go is the first step to proper Tax Planning.

Tax Planning can help you reduce your taxes 

Tax Planning can help you reduce your taxes 

What keeps you up at night?

  • Paying Too Much in Taxes
  • Creating a Retirement Plan
  • Market Volatility
  • Not Having Enough Money to Retire
  • Outliving Your Money
  • Health and Medical Expenses
  • Legacy and Caring for a Family Member
  • Other

At Fortress we will review ALL areas of your Personal/Business Taxes.  With our wealth of knowledge in Tax Planning, we can help maximize your personal wealth to go further!

Don't Confuse Tax Planning with Tax Advice 

TAX ADVICE is given by a federally authorized tax practitioner, meaning an individual authorized under federal law to practice before the IRS.  This can include professionals such as CPA's, attorneys, enrolled agents, enrolled actuaries, and other types of professionals.

TAX ADVICE typically involves the recommendation of a plan of action on a specific tax plan strategy by an individual with some tax-specific designation and is generally much more case-based than tax planning.  For example, tax advice would be applicable for complex objectives like aquiring a business or immigrating permanently.

TAX PLANNING, which is allowed for Advisors, can involve giving general information on settled tax laws and how that can be applicable to the client, as well as projecting the impact of potential tax strategies and end short of taking the step of making a recommendation.  


Disclosure:  For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisors LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

Common Tax Errors to Avoid - Instant Download!

Filing your taxes can be an involved process, and accidental errors can be easy to make. Grab this handy guide to get some tips to avoid some common filing errors.

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