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Managed Futures

What are Managed Futures?

Managed futures generally consist of a globally diversified basket of futures contracts that can be both long and short in areas such as metals, grains, equity indexes and commodities of all kinds.

During this exclusive event, you will learn critical information discerning investors should know about managed futures, including:

  • Potential benefits of investing in managed futures, including the potential for high performance over the long term, the access to multiple commodity and currency markets, as well as potential capital appreciation with low correlation to other portfolio investments
  • How managed futures can potentially provide diversification benefits to traditional stock and bond portfolios
  • How to evaluate whether you are a suitable investor for managed futures
  • How the ability to go long or short, offering investors the ability to potentially gain from an up or down market.
  • How these features offer an investor the ability to increase the portfolio’s risk adjusted return.

This seminar will help those investors who have never worked with managed futures better understand the mechanics and potential benefits of this asset class, and provide investors already familiar with managed futures programs with more information on the opportunities available in today's market.

Guarantee your reservation by calling 623-255-5180 or click here to sign up. You will receive an invitation for our “Access to Opportunity” seminar2-3 weeks before the event. (These events will be hosted close to home at Tutti Santi and Arrowhead Grill located in the North Valley.)

We look forward to you joining us for dinner to betterunderstandManaged Futuresand how they may impact your investment portfolio. Also, feel free to letyour friends know aboutour upcoming seminar series ifyou feel they may benefit from these exclusive educational events. Don’t miss your “Access to Opportunity!”

Managed Futures Risks:

There can be no assurance that the investment objective of a managed futures fund will be achieved. Most managed futures funds are highly leveraged which may potentially provide higher return, but also increases the overall risk and volatility of the investment. Managed futures funds are less liquid than stocks and bonds, with redemptions typically limited to monthly intervals. Costs and expenses in managed futures funds are significantly higher than mutual funds and other investment vehicles. Investors in managed futures funds realize taxable gains and losses in the year in which they occur and proper consideration should be given to the tax implications of an investment. Futures and forward contracts have a high degree of price variability and are subject to occasional rapid and substantial changes.Investing in managed futures is speculative and investors must be prepared to lose all of a substantial amount of their investment.