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High Net-Worth Investors

Portfolio Management

Exclusive Local Private Portfolio Management

Have you ever wished you could have your own local private portfolio management team? A team that works with you to achieve your individual goals and is actually accessible to you. Now clients with investable assets of $1 million can receive the service and attention normally only afforded to the ultra rich.

As high-net-worth investors are aware, wealth creates special opportunities and unique challenges. While all investors are different, you require a sophisticated, risk-managed approach to wealth preservation, income generation and long-term capital appreciation. Cetera Investment Management is available to high-net-worth investors seeking comprehensive investment solutions and personalized service. Similar to a family office manager, our group evaluates your complete picture to implement asset placement for tax efficiency, develop a plan to meet income needs and manage around existing client holdings and low-basis positions to ease the transition.

Diversification 2.0

Traditional diversification has proven ineffective during recent times of economic turmoil. Therefore, assembling portfolios in this challenging environment requires new methods. Our program combines strategies that adapt to market changes and share a common risk managed DNA. Together, they provide a foundation of advanced diversification not just across asset class, but also by instrument and investment vehicle. We believe it is important to construct a volatility budget based on each client’s unique objectives and risk tolerance.

This budgeting process enables increasing holdings of riskier, more growth-oriented asset classes only by curbing volatility elsewhere. The goal is to increase the return potential of the portfolio without materially increasing the overall risk parameters. It is important to be able to see risk embedded across the entire portfolio. To be clear, there is no proverbial “free lunch” in investing. Risk management techniques each involve some form of tradeoff, which is why our team relies on multi-disciplinary expertise in working with you and your financial advisor to carefully balance risk and reward constraints.

Tailoring a Custom Solution

We work with a small number of clients to offer cutting-edge risk management techniques that particularly resonate with affluent investors concerned with wealth preservation, income generation, and potential portfolio repair. The objective of a Cetera portfolio is to address your unique requirements and specific goals. Your financial advisor works closely with our portfolio management team to ensure that your specific circumstances are well articulated and addressed.

All Cetera Investment Management portfolios are custom designed, however they rely on a common dynamic asset allocation system that attempts to build upon the core diversification tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory. Cetera portfolios act as a single, professionally managed investment solution, providing diversification across major asset classes including equities, fixed income and alternative assets through the use of a wide range of strategies and investment vehicles. Cetera's portfolio management team based in Scottsdale, Arizona re-balances client portfolios based on fluctuating market conditions, rather than relying on static asset allocations.

The assembly of the portfolio is custom to each client’s risk tolerance and objectives, so we work with clients to choose from a variety of potential strategies.

These can include:

  • Laddered Individual Muni Bond Portfolio
  • Buffered Large Cap Strategy
  • Equity Income
  • Covered Call Portfolio
  • Structured Products
  • Monetize/Hedge Existing Low-Basis & Concentrated Positions

Portfolio Assembly

We recognize that affluent investors are afforded many choices when it comes to wealth management. In our opinion, a successful manager must remain true to their core “DNA” or philosophy even if their methods or techniques do not reflect the most popular approach at any given moment. That core philosophy must then be utilized to construct a flexible plan capable of meeting the client’s goals. Finally, that plan must demonstrate a value proposition that justifies the manager’s fees.

With this in mind, Cetera Investment Management relies on the following specialized process to build custom portfolios:

1. Discovery & Insight. Following the execution of a proprietary risk tolerance assessment, we work with your financial advisor to evaluate your objectives and constraints, including both near- and long-term goals as well as time horizon.

2. Portfolio Construction. Similar to a family office manager, they evaluate the complete picture to implement asset placement for tax efficiency, develop a plan to meet income needs and work around existing client holdings and low-basis positions to ease the transition.

3. Review & Transparency. At the outset, you will be invited to a one-on-one meeting with Cetera portfolio managers and your financial advisor to evaluate your specific proposal. During this meeting the Cetera team will provide you with a detailed explanation of the products and services chosen to make up your portfolio, including the reasoning behind specific strategies. Following implementation, managers endeavor to remain in close contact with regular performance analysis and periodic portfolio reviews.

4. Ongoing Management. Cetera portfolios combine a long-term strategic approach with the ongoing need for tactical adjustments to address changing market dynamics. In doing so, we match reason and experience to our systematic process in an attempt to meet your goals.

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