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Equipment Leasing Programs

What are Equipment Leasing Funds?

Equipment leasing programs allow investors to pool their capital to buy equipment and become lessors. Investors in these programs have the potential to receive predictable income (often tax-deferred) during the life of the equipment and when the equipment is sold or re-leased. The equipment in these programsis often leasedto many of America's largest and best known companies.

During this exclusive event, you will learn critical information discerning investors should know about equipment leasing programs, including:

  • Potential benefits of equipment leasing programs, including the potential for a consistent income stream and stability of principal, as well as the potential capital appreciation and possible tax advantages
  • The benefits and drawbacks of investing in an illiquid, non-traded investment
  • How equipment leasing programs potentially provide diversification benefits to stock and bond portfolios
  • How to evaluate if you are a suitable investor for equipment leasing programs
  • How these investments have the potential to become a hedge against inflation

This seminar will help investors who have never worked with equipment leasing programs better understand the mechanics and potential benefits of this asset class, and provide investors already familiar with equipment leasing programs more information on the opportunities available in today's market.

Guarantee your reservation by calling 623-255-5180 or click here to sign up. You will receive an invitation for our “Access to Opportunity” seminar2-3 weeks before the event. (These events will be hosted close to home at Tutti Santi and Arrowhead Grill located in the North Valley.)

We look forward to you joining us for dinner to betterunderstandequipment leasing programsand how they may impact your investment portfolio. Also, feel free to letyour friends know aboutour upcoming seminar series ifyou feel they may benefit from these exclusive educational events. Don’t miss your “Access to Opportunity!”

Equipment Leasing Risks:

All or a substantial portion of distributions you receive may be a return of capital rather than a return on capital. Rates of distribution will not necessarily be indicative of profitable returns of the fund. This is a “blind pool” offering. The fund has not identified any specific investments as of the date of the Prospectus and therefore cannot determine all of the potential risks associated with its portfolio at this time. Adverse general economic conditions may negatively impact the fund’s clients, causing the fund losses. The fund may invest in equipment indirectly through non-lease transactions which exposes it to additional risks not present when acquiring equipment that will be wholly-owned by the fund directly. Your shares are effectively illiquid and you may not be able to sell your shares. You should be prepared to hold your shares for the life of the fund, which is anticipated to be approximately eight years but may be longer. Uncertainties associated with the equipment leasing industry may have an adverse effect on the fund’s business and may adversely affect its ability to give you any economic return from its shares or a complete return of your capital.