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Multi-Family Office

Multi-Family Office

The Fortress Multi-Family Office

The Fortress Companies operates as a Multi-Family Office (MFO) for High-Income families, Business Owners and a comprehensive look at all your Insurance needs. We are an independent advisor that supports multiple families and manages their entire wealth as a whole. We provide a variety of financial services including private Portfolio Management, Tax Strategies, Estate Planning, Risk Management, Financial Counsel, Lifestyle Management, Business Value Building, Exit and Succession Planning for Business Owners, Philanthropic Management, and more.


  • Integrated Wealth Management
  • Coordinated Business & Personal Planning
  • Access to in-house Portfolio Manager
  • Creative financial solutions
  • Increased tax-efficient cash flow
  • Expense reduction strategies

Services Include

  • Investments
  • All Personal and Business Insurance
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Private Portfolio Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Coaching and Advisory
  • Business Succession and Exit Planning
  • Business Valuations
  • Estate Planning
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Foundation Management