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Exit Planning For Business Owners

The Value Acceleration Methodology Can Be the Backbone to Exit Planning

As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Brett Andrews utilizes the Value Acceleration Methodology to enhance the Financial Planning process for Business Owners.  Business owners are in search of advisors that can have deeper conversations about how to grow value in their business. The value growth process starts before the owner becomes a client through a value-added discovery and educational conversation.  

Discover Gate

Discover Gate

A Triggering Event

Business Valuation

Assessment of the Company's Readiness and Attractiveness

Assessment of the Owner's Preparedness to Exit

Creation of a Prioritized Action Plan

                                                            Prepare Gate

                                                            Prepare Gate

How Your Value Impacts Your Business

Mitigating Risk in Your Business

Owner-Dependent Businesses

Assemble and Prepare a Master Plan

Decide Gate

Decide Gate

Do You Want to Grow?

       Expand to New Markets

       Advance New Products

       Grow Thru Acquisition

Do You Want to Exit?

        Family Transition

        Sell to Employees (ESOP)

        Third Party

        Sale to Private Equity