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Certified Wealth Strategist

What is A Certified Wealth Strategest?

What is A Certified Wealth Strategest?

A Certified Wealth Strategist or CWS ® is a financial professional who has obtained a higher level of education and training in financial planning. They specialize in working with high-net-worth clients, generally those with one million or more in liquid asset dollars. The Certified Wealth Strategist’s expertise goes well beyond giving sound financial advice. They are highly skilled and trained to nurture client relationships with affluent clients.

Benefits of Working with a CWS ®

Working with a Certified Wealth Strategist gives clients access to a person who has demonstrated skill in client interaction, business management, and technical know-how in order to earn the CWS ® designation. Mastering in these areas are critical in providing the kind of service a CWS ® provides to their clients.

With a CWS ®, you receive a truly holistic approach to wealth management. Taking into account the client’s entire financial life from start to projected finish, the CWS ® helps clients connect to their aspirations on a deeper level and provides a concrete way to achieve them. A CWS ® can coordinate with other kinds of financial professionals and serve as the point person for most of the client’s wealth matters.

Some financial professionals tend to be very transaction-oriented. The CWS ® is focused solely on the client’s total financial situation. Their success is measured in direct regards to the client’s goals, not on some market benchmark. A CWS ® addresses all financial aspects included in the 13 Wealth Management.

1. Investment Planning
2. Insurance Planning & Risk Management
3. Banking & Credit Management
4. Retirement Planning
5. Executive Compensation
6. Business Succession Planning
7. Planning for Incapacity
8. Education & Family Support
9. Charitable Giving
10. Titling & Beneficiary Designations
11. Executor / Trustee Selection Issues
12. Distribution of Estate
13. Tax Planning

The 13 Wealth Management Issues act like balancing scales. Once you do something
to one side, it impacts or tips the other. It is vital that one individual have a thorough
understanding of the client’s overall financial picture and intentions.